Hunger Action Month: What Can You Do?

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Did you know that one in five children in Pender County and in Onslow County is food insecure? Being food insecure means that a household does not have the ability to provide enough food for all members to lead active, healthy lives.

September is Hunger Action Month. At Share the Table, our mission is to respond to God’s call to nourish our community by providing food where there is hunger, fellowship where there is loneliness, and education to end the cycle of food insecurity. We work to take action against hunger every month of the year. We need your help in September and beyond!

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina states that there are 8,680 people, or 14% of the population, in Pender County who are food insecure. In Onslow County, that number is 32,390, or 17% of the population. The Pender number includes 20% of the children in the county. In Onslow County, it includes 21% of the children.

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In 2021, we distributed 560,903 pounds of food equating to 472,340 meals. We are able to do this because of our supporters. Individuals, businesses, and community organizations all come together to help our neighbors feed their families.

Taking action against hunger is especially important now. We have been through more than two years of pandemic challenges. We are all facing rising food prices as a result of inflation and economic uncertainty. The number of neighbors in need is increasing.

What does food insecurity look like? Our clients aren’t faced with the choice of a kitchen full of dinner options. They are faced with the choice of providing food for their families or paying their rent or other bills. They are faced with the choice of how to get through each month on limited incomes.

Our clients are our neighbors. They are the unemployed and the underemployed, challenged with feeding themselves and their family on limited budgets. They are the elderly, single mothers, empty nesters, and young families. They are active members of the community who need help with securing food and understanding how to live healthier lives with their limited financial resources.

Please take the time during Hunger Action Month to consider what you can do to help your neighbors in need. You can hold a fundraiser or organize a food drive. You can learn more about hunger and how it affects individuals and families in your community. You can take action against hunger!

When you donate to Share the Table, you will know you are making a difference. You will be one of our very special Hunger Heroes!Hunger Hero

Thank you for your continued support.