Sponsorships from donors like you enrich your community.

In America, 1 in 9 adults and 1 in 6 children suffer from food insecurity. Being food insecure is not always a low-income problem alone, but it can arise when there are issues with lay-offs from work, gaps in pay, medical problems or irregular incomes. In order to bridge the gap and provide a variety of foods to those who need it, we at Share the Table rely on sponsorships from generous donors like yourself.

Sponsorships are a wonderful way to help those in our very own community. Recently, we have seen the need for our services increase as people struggle to get through economic hardships, and we have been able to help those who need a good meal or are looking to put food on their tables. Through sponsorships, we are able to help those who need it most.

Sponsorships do not have to include large amounts. We are thankful when sponsorships and donations come in at any amount. Because 98% of our funding is made possible through the generosity of donors, we are always grateful and happy if you are willing to share with us, so that we may share with the community.

Your sponsorship can make a real difference! Contact us today to learn more.

Sponsorships have included monetary or in-kind donations in support of our fundraisers:

  • Dolphin Dip– On January 1, we have our annual Dolphin Dip, when over 1,000 people meet up at our local pier and run into the Atlantic Ocean. Local businesses can buy advertising with us, which we advertise on social platforms and at the Dip.
  • Dolphin Dip Dash- This is a fun 5K beach run in beautiful Surf City. Enjoy the cool ocean breeze and great views of the beach as you run and help us spread awareness of our cause and earn needed funds.
  • Turtle Blast– On the first Thursday in August, we do our Turtle Blast, when people can “adopt” small rubber turtles and they race down a waterway. Sponsorships there include advertising with us for the Blast, just like for the Dolphin Dip. The type of advertising you get is based on the amount of your donation.
  • Restaurant Roundup– The last fundraiser Is our Restaurant Roundup, which we do in November. Various restaurants around us being in small samples of their menu and compete for a winner. This is an example of our in-kind donors. People buy tickets to come to this, and we always sell out all 250 tickets. This also includes a silent raffle for items we get from business sponsors.

If you are looking for a way to better your community, we hope that you will consider one of our sponsorships. Your generous donations can help us feed the community, fill a backpack with child-friendly foods for weekend meals, and stock our food pantry. For more information about sponsorships and other programs, please contact us today.

Why Donate to Share the Table?

Share the Table, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supported by seven charter churches, community churches, civic organizations, and local businesses in Pender and Onslow Counties in North Carolina. Through our free community meal, food pantry and school backpack programs, we feed over 1,000 Pender and Onslow County residents per week.


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