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Maggie is hungry, overwhelmed, & scared… You can help us change her world!

In the U.S., there are 37,227,000 people who are food insecure. The average food insecurity rate across the county is 11.5%, according to Feeding America. This rate is defined as a percentage of the U.S. population. Food insecurity refers to a household’s inability to provide enough food to lead active, healthy lives. It does not exist in isolation; low-income families are affected by overlapping issues like lack of affordable housing, social isolation, chronic or acute health problems, high medical costs, and low wages.

Capital Campaign Building Fund

In eastern North Carolina’s Pender and Onslow Counties, rates are higher than the national average, with Pender County at 13.6% and Onslow County at 15.2%. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, Feeding America projects that there will be an increase in food insecurity rates to 19.1% for Pender and 21.5% for Onslow.

Our mission is to respond to God’s call to nourish our community by providing food where there is hunger, fellowship where there is loneliness, and education to end the cycle of food insecurity. Share the Table’s vision is a community where everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food and a world that is educated, aware, and responsive to hunger-related issues.

We are not new to this challenge.

Share the Table was founded in 2010 at Faith Harbor UMC to serve a free community meal. Since our inception, we have grown from providing those first few meals to now helping over 1,000 people weekly through our food pantry, MUNCH backpack program, and the weekly community meal. We are blessed to have an army of volunteers who are dedicated to our mission and who are passionate about helping our clients, but we need a building that can sufficiently accommodate the services we provide our community. In February 2018, Share the Table was designated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In 2020, Share the Table distributed 599,488 pounds of food equating to 504,832 meals. Now in our third location, we offer non-perishables, fresh produce, frozen meats, and bakery items to our clients. In 2020, our food distribution rate grew 57% over 2019.

Due to the growing need in our community, we must now expand our facility to not only continue our current services, but also to grow those services that our clients need so much.


Will you become a Hunger Hero and help change the lives of those in need?

Share the Table, Inc.
PO Box 4170
Surf City, NC 28445


Share the Table
Capital Campaign Building Fund 2021-26

At Share the Table, we believe that Maggie and many others like her should not have to worry about where their next meal will come from or how to keep their children fed. They should not have to make critical choices between food and other basic needs.

The much-needed new space will provide:

  • Increased freezer and cooler space for frozen proteins, fresh produce, and dairy items
  • Educational space for nutrition and health classes
  • Space for a community garden
  • Increased dry storage space for non-perishables
  • Increased household ministry space for community donations that benefit our clients
  • Increased kitchen space
  • A larger and safer facility space for clients, volunteers, staff, and equipment use (fork-lift, pallet jack, carts, etc.)
  • A new truck for hauling food items to the Share the Table distribution center from our community partners who provide dry goods and frozen foods to us weekly
  • Increased parking area for the safety of clients, volunteers, and staff

To build our new facility and increase our outreach to the communities we serve, we must raise $775,000 over the next 5 years. With your support, Share the Table can grow into the next phase of our history and help change Maggie’s world, as well as all those in need in our surrounding communities.

Why Donate to Share the Table?

Share the Table, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supported by seven charter churches, community churches, civic organizations, and local businesses in Pender and Onslow Counties in North Carolina. Through our free community meal, food pantry and school backpack programs, we feed over 1,000 Pender and Onslow County residents per week.