What Is a Capital Campaign and Why Is It Needed?

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Usually, an expansion is a great thing to celebrate. When your job is to feed the hungry, though, needing to expand only means that the need has become greater. That’s what we are facing now at Share The Table.

We are happy to be able to provide the food, comfort, and support that so many in our community need and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to move to a larger facility. We always keep in mind though, that we are working toward the day when there will be no more poverty and all our food insecure neighbors will have the resources they need to be properly fed.

Right now, we face reality. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need in our area. Even before the pandemic we were serving 1,000 people a week with groceries, a community meal, and backpacks full of food for the weekend.

Now we have the opportunity to expand our capabilities to help our community. Our capital campaign has just been launched, so you can help us help others.

What is a capital campaign? The bottom line to securing a larger facility is the same as any bottom line – securing the funds necessary to build a building and supply all the furniture, shelving, and equipment that goes into it. A capital campaign is referred to as an “intense effort” to raise money within a specified period of time for a particular project. That’s exactly where we are at Share the Table.

We have the land, at the corner of Hwy 17 and Perkins Rd in Hampstead.

The building will come, with the support of our incredibly generous community. We will need to raise $775,000 over the next five years to make our new facility a reality. That’s why the capital campaign is needed now.

The new building will not only have more space to store food, including increased freezer and cooler space, but it will also be a place where we can offer education on nutrition, cooking, and food shopping on a budget, as well as guidelines for healthy eating.

Our mission is to respond to God’s call to nourish our community by providing food where there is hunger, fellowship where there is loneliness,  and education to end the cycle of food insecurity.

You’ll notice we also talk about “hunger heroes.” To us, you are a hero when you contribute to ending hunger in our community. Won’t you be a hunger hero and help us with our capital campaign as we move forward with building the space to end hunger?

You can mail a check to:

P.O. Box 4170
Surf City, NC 28445

Or you can donate online at https://sharethetablenc.com/donate.

Thank you for being a hunger hero & changing the lives of those in need!

pledge card for capital campaign