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Healthy foods are expensive, there’s no doubt. With some careful planning and some inspirational recipes, though, you can feed your family nutritious meals on a budget.

Follow these tips to save money, prepare some delicious meals, and enjoy many healthy benefits.

Plan your meals for the week. Write out a menu. After you have decided what you’ll have each day, make a grocery list based on what you’ll need to purchase or pick up from Share the Table that week. Be sure to include breakfast and lunch as well as dinner on your list

Stick to your list. Items at the end of the aisle of the grocery store are put there to entice you to impulse buy. Take your written list with you to the store and mark off items as you put them in your cart.

Use leftovers for lunches. Prepare larger portions than you may need for one dinner and use the leftovers for school or work lunches. They may also prove useful as additives for other dinners, such as leftover chicken for a stew served later in the week.

Don’t go to the grocery store hungry. Did you know that when you’re hungry, you’ll be more likely to reach for unhealthy convenience foods such as packaged cookies? If you don’t have time to eat a meal before shopping, grab a quick snack that will hold you until you get back home.fresh vegetables

Follow some simple, budget-minded recipes for nutritious meals for your family. Check out these recipes!

At Share the Table, we understand that it can be challenging to feed a family a nutritious meal when your budget is tight. We plan to offer more tips in future posts. Let us know if you have questions that you’d like addressed.

The most exciting news is that, once we are in our new facility, we will have the space to conduct cooking classes and classes on how to shop and plan meals on a budget. Thanks to our Hunger Heroes for making it happen!